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Square Enix Europe leaves its offices of Wimbledon.

Today it was the last day of Square Enix in the Wimbledon Bridge House, place that I had the honor to visit when I was invited by Eidos to proof Tomb Raider Underworld a year before its release.


(The team of Square Enix Europe in the last day of Wimbledon office. Thanks Jay Walker for the photo)

5995 days has passed from the opening of Eidos in Wimbledon (From Monday, April 13, 1998 to Thursday, September 11, 2014).

From now on, the new offices of Square Enix Europe will be located in 240 Blackfriars ' Great Portland Estates' in the center of London.


(Wimbledon Office, London)


(New Office in 240 Blackfriars ' Great Portland Estates', London)

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