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New items added to my Tomb Raider Collection.

I have updated the section of "THE EXHIBITION PART II" with all the new items that have been coming to my collection during the last months.

  • Conceptual arts by Kris Renkewitz, made for the design of E3 (1997) Eidos exhibitor, as well as the huge statue of Lara Croft decorating the hall that year.

  • Manga comic never published of Tomb Raider I. It was made in 1997 by Kris Renkewitz with the release of the first Tomb raider game in japan, but finally the comic never came to light and was discarded.

  • Newspaper with Lara Croft in the Cover. Melody Maker UK, November 29, 1997

  • Tomb Raider Archives Vol 2. Dark Horse Comics.

  • Tomb Raider Balloon

  • Tomb Raider Vol2 Choice and Sacrifice. Dark Horse Comics.

  • Stickers and postcard of Tomb Raider II

  • X2 Lara Croft pijamas

  • Beach towel of Lara Croft.

  • 1/6 figure based on the Siberian outfit of "Rise of the Tomb Raider" Created by myself (Rodrigo Martín Santos)

  • 1/6 figure based on the first Tomb Raider Movie starring Angelina Jolie. Created by myself (Rodrigo Martín Santos)

  • 1/6 figure based on the reboot of Tomb Raider 2013. Created by myself (Rodrigo Martín Santos)

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Illustration: Lara´s face by the artist Leon de Leon.

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