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Metro-Goldwyn Mayer loses film rights to Tomb Raider

According to new information offered by THE WRAP news portal, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer has just lost the film rights to Tomb Raider. The company's rights would have expired by not giving the green light to a new film until May of this year, 2022. Currently, the film rights of the franchise would once again be owned by Crystal Dynamics, which has caused a bidding war on the part from other production companies to acquire the rights and therefore offer Tomb Raider movies in the future.

It has been confirmed that they would be interested in acquiring the rights production companies such as Legendary Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Netflix, Warner Bros Pictures, among others.

All this leaves actress Alicia Vikander and screenwriter and director Misha Green in charge of the next project in limbo, and there are rumors of a new film reboot that would not involve their future participation.

I personally hope that Crystal Dynamics makes a wise decision on this and can continue the work done by Alicia Vikander to offer a direct sequel to the 2018 film that went on to gross $275 million at the worldwide box office. Facing a new film reboot would be too chaotic for the viewer and would make the franchise in general less serious.


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