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New concept art for the 25th Anniversary created by Brenoch Adams

Introducing the first of this month's surprises from Crystal Dynamics, a reinvention of the conceptual art of the first Tomb Raider game by Art Director Brenoch Adams. We leave you some of his words about it:

"The original Tomb Raider’s box art is iconic and memorable for many people who were inspired by the landmark gaming experience when it was released in 1996. My approach to re-designing the art was to modernize the image, but not move in a wildly different direction.

The pose is one of reaction and asymmetry, keeping Lara in the center of the frame as the original art intended. The spirit of adventure and powerful courageousness is an important component to the overall image, and the addition of some of the game’s most iconic enemies seemed fitting to fulfill that idea.

Lara’s wardrobe is updated to be practical and customized to her character yet remains faithful to the timeless look of the original outfit. Even now, after almost 10 years of working on Tomb Raider games, I am captivated by the ongoing story of Lara Croft and her inspiring adventures." (Brenoch Adams)

You can download the image in high resolution here.


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Illustration: Lara´s face by the artist Leon de Leon.

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