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Announced a new statue of Lara Croft made of PVC by the company Dark Horse Direct.

Dark Horse Direct is thrilled to partner with Crystal Dynamics to introduce a new Tomb Raider PVC statue, inspired by the recently remastered original TOMB RAIDER game. This meticulously crafted statue captures the first appearance of the iconic archaeologist-adventurer, Lara Croft, bringing back the nostalgia of solving puzzles and uncovering ancient mysteries with the intrepid character.

Standing at 6.5 inches high, 7.3 inches wide, and 6.8 inches deep, this dynamic PVC statue features interchangeable accessories, allowing you to customize the scene where Lara Croft escapes an Egyptian tomb with the Scion artifact fragment.

PRICE: $89.99

SHIPPING: January - March 2025


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Illustration: Lara´s face by the artist Leon de Leon.

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