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The real reasons why MGM lost the film rights to Tomb Raider.

Creative differences, a bloated budget and time running out on MGM rights have been among the reasons Tomb Raider 2 didn't go ahead, according to a new report.

The Tomb Raider 2 movie was going to be a follow-up to the 2018 reboot based on the adventure video game franchise from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics that shows a more raw and mature version of the character about his origins.

A few days after news of its cancellation broke, The Wrap has released a new report explaining why Tomb Raider 2 was scrapped.

According to the outlet, sources close to the sequel indicate that the main reasons it was scrapped were creative differences between star Alicia Vikander and writer/director Misha Green over the latest draft of the script.

Other reasons for the cancellation of Tomb Raider 2 were MGM's concerns about the increased budget and Square Enix losing patience with the development of the film, thus rejecting a request for an extension of the rights.

"There was a pre-negotiated timer that had been agreed upon, and there was no way to rescue it in time. [MGM] asked the rights holders for more time, but their patience ran out," an anonymous source close to MGM told the outlet. the production of the film.

MGM had in mind to meet the deadlines and try by all means to start filming in early 2023, but the continuous delays meant that the postponement of the rights was finally not granted and they had to cancel the entire project.

With MGM out of Tomb Raider, the studios are now in the "battle" to take over the rights to the franchise and adapt the saga back to the screen, although most likely without Alicia Vikander and starting again from scratch.


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